In 2016 Agua International Water Relief responded to the drought declared in Ethiopia by transferring life saving emergency water filtration technology amidst a Category 1 humanitarian emergency facing North Africa.


Data extrapolated from the FEWS NET (Famine Early Warning System) supports the UN's claims of the growing crisis and increased US financial support confirms the reality. One Ethiopian national government official denies hunger. It's a famine within a famine and a drought within a drought, and its happening because of abnormal weather events. Widespread malnutrition ensues. Failed rains. Empty harvests. A shortage of workers.


Our initial strategic objectives included: outfitting aid camps, schools, and hospitals with water related support resources (filters, storage tanks, piping, pumps, and wells), education and advocacy for the indigenous, community outreach, and improvements to existing supply and distribution infrastructure.

We were able to make contact with Aurora Sister Cities International in Adama, Ethiopia as well as the Ambo University Institute of Technology in Ambo, Ethiopia.

With your help we will plan to finish the biosand filtration portion of our workshop with faculty and students at Ambo University and prepare to host a similar workshop in Adama. These two very promising workshops plan aim to empower community leaders to carry out life saving water filtration projects in their country. 



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