Dr. R. Krishnaraj
Scientific Director 
Catherine Waswa

International Business Advisory Council

Welcome to the International Business Advisory Council. Here we keep our commitment to collecting perspectives into a steady action plan for improving and developing sustainable water systems. Members from all over the world are invited to participate in this discussion which represents the voice of governments, businesses, organizations, education, media, arts, entertainment, individuals, and family. The International Council is much like the our General Advisory Council. However, it is comprised of entrepreneurs, NGOs, individuals, and social welfare groups that we have identified as making a difference in their communities outside the US. It is our desire to coordinate discussions between the two advisory councils as one means of strengthening our collective missions, identifying new opportunities to serve, and sustaining lasting solutions for projects and programs that are already underway. 

Catherine formed a small business social venture group of 12 people, 8 men and 4 women called Kwalala Self Help Group, dealing with the construction of biosand/biochar water filters and training on sanitation, hygiene, and maintenance. Catherine trained as an agricultural extension officer with the Kenya Ministry of Agriculture in General Agriculture, Livestock, and Home Economics, and she is certified in biosand filtration from Friendly Water for the World and biochar filtration from Agua International Water Relief.

Haileab is an aspiring and highly self-motivated entrepreneur who recently graduated in software engineering from Adama Science and Technology University of Ethiopia. He has a long history of serving his community by giving out free trainings in martial arts and summer tutorials for the youth. He participated in governmental services and served for four years as a representative at the children’s rights convention in Ethiopia at an early age. Haileab speaks fluent Amharic, English, Tigrinya, and Arabic. His desire is to brighten the future of the youth and to help them become citizens who would develop their country.

Alosha is a master bio-geometrical designer, inventor, practical visionary, and worldwide creative leader in ecological sustainable design. His mission behind everything is to invent, go to prototype, and then to co-create habitable awe inspiring art-forms aligning people with energy forms. His work includes collaborating with property developers to create ecologically self-sustainable elements for their establishments, by connecting architecture, nature, and people through the cycles of food, water, and waste.

Santosh Poudel is a dynamic and energetic servant leader, who has been working for street children and other vulnerable children for last ten years. He is the founder chairperson of an NGO, Khushi Nepal, and is one of the key persons of access to the street children around Kathmandu Valley. 

Alosha Lynov
Geophysical Designer
Haileab Mulugeta
Software Engineer

Among many honors, Dr. Krishnaraj was a gold medalist in engineering design at the Department of Mechanical Engineering, Anna University. He was also honored with the Young Environmentalist Award by the Gujarat Pollution Control Board in India and the Journal of Environmental Research and Development. He has presented more than 120 papers in international conferences and published 75 papers in international journals. He currently works as the Scientific Director at the Centre for Excellence and Incubation, Ambo University, Ethiopia.

Santosh Poudel

Barkeal is an emerging young social entrepreneur who believes that social entrepreneurs are the future of this world to alleviating poverty and create a sustainable and habitable planate. In 2011 Barkeal earned his BA in Sociology from Addis Ababa University. After graduation, he has been involved in various developmental and relief works in International and local NGOs in Ethiopia. Currently, he is a Program Coordinator in Kidmia Foundation and a Country Office Representative for World Merit Ethiopia. Barkeal is passionate and committed to develop Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Leadership in Ethiopia. Moreover, Barkeal is pursuing his MBA in general Management in Unity University, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

Barkeal Beyene
World Merit
Eva Kudukhashvili
International Artist

Eva Kudukhashvili was born in the small village Tsitelubani, Georgia in 1951. In 1987 she graduated from the prestigious Academy of Fine Arts in Tbilisi,under the tutelage of Edmund Kalandadze. Eva's personality is completely possessed by painting. At the age of seventeen she knew that she was an artist. Living in communist Georgia at the time, the decision to enter the most respected and difficult Art Academy in Georgia seemed  to be the only possible way to start her career, she studied there, which lead Eva to her dream of sharing her paintings with the world.

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