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Learn is where we organize water resource and research information. It's also where we host our official blog: The Tributary. Here, we also compile all sorts of relevant information, and we share it with you free of charge so that you too can dream up wonderful ways to bring life giving water to people around the world. Here are a few categories that we feel contribute to sustainable solutions:

System Design

Our systems are designed to use appropriate technology in order to minimize expenses while utilizing local economies and local labor to functionally sustain water collection, purification, and distribution operations for poverty stricken small communities. Our service portfolio includes but is not limited to:


  • Traveling to project sites

  • Performing needs analysis

  • Evaluating options

  • Installing rain harvesting equipment

  • Constructing slow sand / biosand filters

  • Fabricating biosand filtration steel molds

  • Assembling solar distillation arrays

  • Sanitizing and storing filtered water

  • Building distribution pipelines

  • Creating pumping alternatives

  • Conducting leader training and community education

  • Providing annual follow-up support

  • Raising worldwide awareness

  • Fostering interorganizational collaboration efforts


Agua is committed to bringing together the best insights of highly qualified international leaders in order to effectively problem solve, motivate, initiate, and execute complex project operations. We believe there are enough resources and talent in the world to meet its needs and we are dedicated in organizing such assets to effectively, efficiently, and sustainably address this global crisis.


A staggering amount of water borne illness, watershed and well pollution can be prevented simply by educating families on the importance of good hygiene and sanitation. Our projects include these classes which are tailored to include practical alternatives along with training for community representatives to monitor system operations and treatment.

Project Management
Agua International's project management capability can extend from the initial selection of sites to the follow on evaluation of results. Additionally, our international project management approach places great importance on security, resource inventory and distribution, relationship building, cross cultural communication, and organizational transparency.

We garner a majority of our funds to carry out these projects through individual contributions. It is our goal to be nonprofit industry leaders in limiting administrative and fundraising costs to no more than 10 percent of our total expenses. This way, the vast majority of contributions are allotted to program related activities.

Research, Documents, and Links

The following is a resource list for water related research and documents:

Guidelines for Drinking-water Quality World Health Organization

Humanitarian Early Warning Service


Relief Web


Biosand Filter Steel Mold Makers


WaterSeer Innovation

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