Our mission is empowering economically disadvantaged small communities to develop and sustain clean water supplies.

Our vision is providing assistance to every life we can by committing to ongoing international relief and research efforts, generating a global water supply solution, connecting cultures, and collecting perspectives into a steady action plan for improving and developing sustainable water systems.


The following values guide our organization:


  • Integrity

  • Servant-leadership

  • Water as a common good

  • Cooperation

  • Appropriate technology

  • Sustainability

  • Education

  • Relationships

  • Innovation

Meet Charity

Charity starts at home, and then charity goes out all over the world and get things done.


Powered by a Google Earth Pro Grant "Charity" will be our state of the art multimedia means to communicate our vision and share our strategy in a global unifying effort to bring access to clean water for all. Charity is currently in Beta right now. However, you can catch a sneak peek at what's to come by clicking on the picture below.


Our bodies are composed of approximately 70% water. However, clean water is lacking all over the world. Many of our extended human family go without any, and it is one key element in fulfilling our very basic physiological needs. 


Let's not forget, there is also a connection to peace, and it becomes clear when understanding that a "state of survival" is not a state to find peace in. These environments breed conflict and can often lead a culture to compromise their moral values. 


We believe that if we can help stabilize, at the very least, a sector of the world which is in need of a dependable source of clean water then we are contributing overall to the reduction of conflict in the world, increasing the quality of life in others, and aiding many on a personal journey towards peace and goodwill to all. 


Since each area brings its own unique challenges and environments, we started by dividing the entire globe into water stressed regions  of specific focus.. A majority of our work will begin in Mexico while we are developing geopolitical and operational frameworks for the additional sectors.


Agua International Water Relief is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization. Your donations are tax-deductible.

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