Research, Education, Media, and Advocacy Program (REMA)

Our REMA Program is focused on and sensitive to listening to the needs of economically disadvantaged small communities. It establishes their voice as a priority in our budget development process. It also acts as an action arm in support of advancing our mission through research, media, education, and advocacy.​

Support Standing Rock Indigenous Media at Digital Smoke Signals

Support Standing Rock Indigenous Media at Indigenous Rising

Cyber Awareness Program (CAP)

Agua International Water Relief is proud to be leading the global nonprofit industry in an effort to broaden the scope of cyber safety, security, and awareness. As an organization who engages with many of its volunteers and beneficiaries online, we understand that we have a responsibility to address and educate the public on a wide range of known threats in the cyber domain. 

Support Education, Connectivity, and Community with Good Media

Support International Media Accountability with Vortex Media Group

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Environmental Productions (EMP)

EMP is the functional media component of our REMA program. It's building mental health into the ballast of environmental health, as a conduit. In its infancy, it is connecting two very large and vital movements health care and climate action. 

Support environmental health with Blooming Wellness

Support environmental health with BINGO

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