Sonsonate, El Salvador


The colony of El Cedro, is located south of San Julian in the district of Sonsonate. It is a farming community comprised of about 450 residents. It is accessible by dirt road approximately 1.6 miles from highway 11. Two previous NGOs have completed humanitarian projects in El Cedro helping them construct rooftop rain harvesting systems equipped with water storage tanks and family sized indoor bucket filters. However, a problem still remains. This community goes without water during the summer months. Often times when the community is completely without water and unable to even share amongst themselves, water is delivered by emergency truck or gathered by bucket by women and children from a spring a quarter mile away down a very steep incline.


Two possible solutions include:


1) Constructing a large community water reservoir to collect the overflow during the rainy season to offset the demand in the summer.


2) Constructing a spring diversion pipeline and pumping system to assist in delivering water to the community.


Estimated costs: $10,000-20,000


Our goals for this project include:


1) Reducing illness caused by lack of water for basic sanitary practices.

2) Reducing the risk of injury during water collection down steep inclines.

3) Reducing water stress and scarcity.

4) Providing instruction and training on construction such systems.

5) Encouraging communication among adjacent communities of learned systems.

6) Educating community on widely accepted hygiene, sanitation practices, and watershed protection.

7) Alleviating local government burden.

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