Standing Rock

Water Is Life Mni Wiconi Defend The Sacred

Agua International Water Relief's Letter of Support for The Sioux Tribal Council:

1) Defund the Dakota Access Pipeline at: DefundDAPL

 2) Educate yourself and teach others with the Standing Rock Teach In materials from UC Davis :


3) Pull your money of of the banks @ #BankExit:


4) Have a blast! "Blasting" or "Blasters" are people who rapidly share relevant fact based information about Standing Rock on social media. They serve as the global information backbone of the stand. Beware of sharing hate. Standing Rock is all about, love, peace and the Dakota, Lakota, Nakota way, which is very conscientious of others.

5) Support Indigenous Media

100% of the donations raised by Agua through this button will be used to support the right to clean water at Standing Rock. We are here responding now to the call for support.

Additional Links:

Capital Public Radio Interview With Beth Ruyak:

Gregory K. Gallup of Agua International Water Relief announces Agua International Water Relief''s divestment from Wells Fargo and discusses cultural considerations while Associate Professor of UC Davis, Liza Grandia, discusses historical background:

UC Davis Pipeline and Treaty Map:

UN experts back call to halt pipeline construction in North Dakota, citing rights abuses of protestors

Joint Statement from the Department of Justice, the Department of the Army and the Department of the Interior Regarding Standing Rock Sioux Tribe v. U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

PSC files $15,000 complaint against Dakota Access Pipeline

Standing Rock Power Point

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