Osicala, El Salvador


The township of Osicala is located in a section of Morazan. This project will provide a dependable source of water for three homes or 15 people, and allow for the cultivation of food. Currently, the water system which serves this area lacks the pressure to deliver the water up the hill where the homes and farmland are located.


Problem: Insufficient pressure to deliver local water resources to the homes on the hill.


Possible solutions: 1) Install high pressure electric pump 2) Construct rain harvesting system to replace the need for city water supply.


Estimated costs: $3,000


Our goals for this project include:


1) Reducing illness caused by lack of water for basic sanitary practices.

2) Reducing water stress and scarcity.

3) Providing instruction and training on construction such systems.

4) Encouraging communication among adjacent communities of learned systems.

5) Educating community on widely accepted hygiene, sanitation practices, and watershed protection.

6) Alleviating local government burden.

7) Establish rapport with local community to use as a base for future projects

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