Thalia King


Women's Leadership 


Thalia King is a mother of two boys, who is working towards her BA in faith based studies with an emphasis in biblical studies from Grand Canyon University. She has experience in curriculum development, finance, entrepreneurship, home based business, and network marketing. Thalia is committed to helping our women of courage develop a platform from which to inspire hope and help for others. Her heart for the nations is relationships based, action oriented, and she is compelled to support our women leaders in word and deed. ​To make a tax deductible contribution towards her  Women's Program initiatives please donate to her PayPal Account with Agua.

Kawtar El Kadi


Youth Leadership 

Catherine Waswa

Women's Leadership Ambassador

Chelsea Lyons Kent

Women's Leadership


Menuka Magar

Project Coordinator: Nepal

Youth Ambassador


Kawtar El Kadi is one of the reasons why we started this program. She is not only the voice of the global movement. She is the movement. A highly motivated social activist who inspires other young leaders. She is committed to serving her local community, training and educating youth, and impacting the world for the global good. Kawtar who is currently studying business in France, speaks four languages, English, French, Berber, and Arabic. She also recently earned her Black Belt on 31 March 2015. To make a tax deductible contribution towards her Youth Program please donate to her PayPal Account with Agua. You can follow her women's and youth empowerment initiative on Instagram @empowered.pple

Catherine was an agricultural extension officer with the Kenya Ministry of Agriculture in General Agriculture, Livestock, and Home Economics. She is now a certified biosand filtration coordinator from Friendly Water to the World and biochar filtration filtration coordinator from Agua international Water Relief. She formed a group of 12 people, 8 men and 4 women called Kwalala Self Help Group, dealing with the construction of biosand/biochar water filters and training on sanitation, hygiene, and maintenance. She spends her time administering love, wisdom, and clean water to communities affected by HIV. To make a tax deductible contribution towards her mission related business expenses in support of economically  disadvantaged small communities please donate to her PayPal Account with Agua.

Chelsea "Nakoa" "Warrior", is an environmental advocate, change agent, and a single mother of three, who served as a front-line water protector, volunteer support coordinator, and communications liaison at Standing Rock, North Dakota. She is redefining what the world expects from women by peaceably resisting physical aggression and oppression. Let's put it this way, in her picture to the left she is wearing mace under her eyes - not make up. She never gives up, she tells it how it is, and she will not rest until until the world wakes up. To make a tax deductible contribution towards her mission related travel expenses in support of economically disadvantaged small communities please donate to her PayPal Account with Agua.

Menuka Magar is from the Sindhupalchok District in Nepal. This area was at the epicenter of the tragic May 2015 earthquake. Immediately after the earthquake she had to relocate to Katmandu. Over 95% of the homes and buildings in her village were completely destroyed. While readjusting to life in Katmandu, Menuka selflessly went back to her village to coordinate two emergency relief efforts with our organization providing clean water to over 250 people and reconnecting two schools to their water source. 

We like to call Ms. Paniagua by her last name. Her last name means "water water". Pani is the word for water in Nepal and also in many parts of India. Agua also means water in Spanish. To us she is an incredible inspiration for the vision we have at Agua International Water Relief. While volunteering with us in El Salvador she earned a certification in emergency water filtration methods at our "Agua es Vida" biosand and biochar filtration workshop for the affordable treatment of biological and chemical contaminants.  If you would like to see more opportunities for her to advance our mission along the way, then please donate through her PayPal.

Gary Paniagua

Women's Leadership



Agua International Water Relief’s Women and Youth Leadership Program is our commitment to UN SDG 5: Achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls. Help us empower these women and youth leaders. They are the lifeblood of sustainability. We believe that there is an incredible resource for leadership within women and youth regarding sustainable development, water resource management, and entrepreneurial business development (to name a few). If you are interested in being a part of our program, supporting it financially, or mentoring please contact us: All donations through the following paypal donate button are tax-deductible and they will be directed to our special program account dedicated to women and youth leadership.

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